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This is one of the most frequently asked questions on the Complete Computing Show. However, the first question should be:

What are you going to do with the computer, short term and long term?

  • Will it be a home computer used primarily for email and web browsing, a business computer, or used for both?
  • What software applications will you need to run?
  • Does the computer need to be portable?
  • If portability is not a requirement, is your space for a desktop limited?
  • How important is battery life?
  • Do you need Wi-Fi on your desktop?
  • Do you need more than one monitor?
  • Do you have special data storage needs?
  • Do you require data redundancy (data is stored in two different places)?
  • How close do you live to a reputable computer service and/or support provider?

Once you have answers to these questions, you can focus on computer brands, specifically leadership brands. Here are the 2016 computer share of market statistics for the United States:

  1. Lenovo – 20.7%
  2. HP – 19.4%
  3. Dell – 14.6%
  4. Asus – 7.6%
  5. Apple – 6.9%
  6. Acer – 6.8%
  7. Other – 24%

Leadership brands have the best engineering, highest quality and the most models to meet your needs. They stand behind their products, and the major software manufacturers work with them to produce the highest compatibility. They also have multiple options for warranty and out of warranty service.

One of the most frequent mistakes computer buyers make is purchasing a consumer model when they really need a business model. Consumer models are not designed for constant use.

Another big mistake is buying a computer with Windows 10 Home instead of Windows 10 Pro. Windows Home has limitations and is usually the wrong choice for advanced home or business use. See this post for more info on Windows 10 Home vs. Pro.

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