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No one wants to receive this text from their cell phone carrier:

“You have used 75% of your data allowance for this month. If you use more than 100% before the month is up, we’ll add 3 GB of data and charge you $15.”

With new video features across the board on social media apps, check your settings in each app to avoid using up all your LTE data and paying extra fees.

  • On Facebook, turn off auto-playing when you’re not on Wi-Fi.
    • iPhone: Tap the three lines in the bottom right corner. Select Settings > Account Settings > Videos and Photos > Autoplay > Autoplay On Wi-Fi Connections Only.
    • Android: Tap the three lines in the upper right corner. Select App Settings > Autoplay > On Wi-Fi Connections
  • On Instagram, limit loading photos and don’t pre-load videos in the Stories section while on your mobile network.
    • Tap the person icon in the bottom right hand corner. Hit Settings gear in top right corner > Cellular Data Use > switch on Use Less Data.
  • On Snapchat, use Travel Mode to keep stories from auto loading when you’re using data (instead, tap to load stories).
    • Tap the ghost on the top of the screen. Tap Settings gear icon in upper right corner > Manage Preferences > switch on Travel Mode.
  • On Twitter, turn off auto-playing when you’re not on Wi-Fi.
    • Select the Me tab, then the Gear icon. Settings > Data > Video autoplay > Use Wi-Fi only.

(Adapted from a Wall Street Journal article by Joanna Stern (joanna.stern@wsj.com)

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