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Did you miss World Backup Day (March 31st)? Don’t feel too bad about it. Every day is World Backup Day, and it’s never too late to start backing up your data.

What is a backup? It’s simply a copy of all the files and data on your devices that is kept in a remote location. If your computer is stolen or your hard drive fails, you will be mighty glad you took the time to backup your files.

With the increases in ransomware in the past several months, backing up your data is more important than ever before. Phil Maynard, data protection director EMEA at Barracuda, says “ransomware will only become more sophisticated, with data backup a key method of avoiding becoming the next ransomware victim.”

Maynard shares this advice:

  • Always follow the 3-2-1 rule
    • Have at least three copies of your data.
    • Store the copies on two different media (either disk and tape or two separate systems).
    • Keep one backup copy offsite.

There are many backup options available these days, including external hard drives, network attached storage, and cloud storage. Complete Computing offers several backup solutions from leadership vendors to fit your home or office needs. Call 501-372-3379 for a free consultation today.