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Opinions on the ideal IT solutions and services may vary, but at our company, we offer consulting based on 42 years of practical experience in the field. Our knowledgeable team provides complimentary consultation on the solutions and services we offer. Furthermore, we extend our consulting services to cover solutions and services that we do not directly sell. Our areas of expertise encompass network design, security, procurement, support, training, and IT personnel.

Network Design

We offer expert network design services that can be a part of your procurement process or independent. We will help you design a network that will meet current and future needs.

Bid Specifications Development

We will use our 34 years of experience with IT bids to develop specifications that will meet your objectives.

Procurement Analysis

Studies show approximately 25% of the cost of a network solution is the hardware. We have 34 years of experience in procuring the right hardware and software solutions at competitive prices. Additionally, we will help you decrease the total cost of ownership.

IT Strategies & Planning

We will help you develop IT strategies and plans that support your organization’s vision and mission. We can develop short and long term IT strategies or plans to address specific projects, opportunities or challenges.